Ghee Shelf Life

Patan Pure Ghee shelf life is quite long, even at ambient temperatures. Its storage stability is attributed to low moisture content, low acidity and the presence of natural antioxidants. Also, Patan Pure Ghee supports very little microbial activity, which is what causes spoilage in foods. The high heat treatment during its manufacture destroys most of the bacteria, and the moisture content in our canned ghee is too low to allow normal growth of most microorganisms.

Clarified Butter vs. Ghee Shelf Life

Ghee is sometimes referred to as clarified or drawn butter, but there are significant differences in the way each is processed. Clarified butter is melted and the top layer of solids is skimmed off. The cooking time is shorter than it is for ghee. As a result, it still contains most of the milk fat solids and moisture, which results in the same freshness breakdown that occurs in butter (spoilage, rancidity and mold) after a few days without refrigeration.

Canned Ghee vs. Other Packaging

Ghee is susceptible to deterioration from exposure to light and air. Unfortunately, most manufacturers package ghee in glass or plastic jars with screw-on lids, exposing their product to rapid UV, air and time deterioration. Worse, most don’t even date their manufacturing, so customers don’t know if they’re buying ghee that has already turned rancid because of months of storage in transportation, warehouses or stores. Our gourmet Patan Pure Ghee is a canned ghee, vacuum sealed to ensure freshness by protecting against spoilage.

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Patan Pure Ghee

Patan Pure Ghee
Ghee, a form of clarified butter, has been established as a delicious and healthy alternative to butter and other traditional cooking oils.